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The company Procesos Industriales del Sur S.L. PROINSUR was founded in 1993. It is located in Martos (Jaén).It began its activity with the production of components for the automotive industry in the most important nucleus of the province in this sector.

Today, Proinsur counts with fully equiped facilities for the thermoplastic transformation. Its quality commitment, the use of the best technology and the diversification, enable it to manufacture products of a wide range of sectors.

Following our strategy of growth and internationalisation, Proinsur has set up a new production plant in Tangier (Maroc). It is located in the Free-Trade-Zone and it is one more step in the evolution of a leading company which is fully consolidated in Spain and whose target is to grow outside our borders. It is a strong firm that continues to grow in times of economic difficulties.



PROINSUR is a company approved by client such as:


Valeo 1000 Nivel a fabricante

(Diciembre 2002)

Enatelf S.A.U.

Nivel A (Marzo 1998)

Iberofon Plasticos S.A.

Nivel A (Mayo 1998)


UNE-EN-ISO 9001 (2000)

UNE-EN-ISO 14001: GA-2007/0542

UNE-EN-ISO TS: RA 02-0016/2007

UNE-EN-ISO 9001: ES-0929/1999


The mastery of the company PROINSUR considered that at present any proposed business must considered the quality, prevention and elimination of occupational hazards and environmental protection as something that embraces all activities of the company. Therefore, the first misión of management is to communicate to all staff of Proinsur the importance of meeting costumer requirements, a state that will lead us towards continuous improvement and the full aspects ( Quality, Environmental Performance, deliveries and prices), legislative and regulatory requirements and prevention and minimization of environmental impacts associated with the bussines convinced that this will enable us to increase our competitiveness, profitability and improve our market position.

The policy is set by the management directorate, along the following lines:

-Making annual quality, looking for improvement.

-Allocated for each area of responsabilitym authority and human and technical resources necessary to achive goals.

-Meet costumers requirements, regulatory and /or law that are applicable to the organization, offers the costumers care technology adapted to the advancement of our products, contact the costumer to find out their needs, seeking continuous improvement of our products and services.

-It sets out the objectives, reviewed the goals and objetives of quality and environment

-Develop activities while respecting the environment and preventing pollution and preventing pollution with the commitment to comply with the laws and regulations applicable environmental requirements as well as other volunteers.

-To be documented, implemented and maintained the policy.

-This policy is plubicly avalaible.

-Measuring the satisfaction of staff looking for a family atmosphere and cordial.

-To be evaluated in advance the potential impacto on safety and health of individuals and environment taking steps to eliminary, when its is not posible, to prevent occupational hazards and pollution; implemented improvement measures and taking corresponding account all those aspects necessary to ensure the health and safety of persons at work and protection of the environment.

The directorate of PROINSUR considers this policy of highest priority and will be issued to all staff of the company, ensuring that is sufficiently understood and applied.

Likewise, the department ensures that policy management to its costumers.

This policy management will be reviewed on an ongoing basis, within the framework set out in the review by the directorate, the goals and objectives, involving all members of the company, wich will involve achieving improvement in everything that they passed professionally.


Today in PROINSUR covering sectors as diverse as automotive, household, electronics, electricity, etc, what allows to have a wide customer base.


PROINSUR has a great number of carefully selected Suppliers, that it gives us complete safety of quality and commitment for with our clients.

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