Today PROINSUR has two production plants located in Martos and Tanger respectively. its facilities in Martos cover a total area of 10.500m2, of which 7.000 are used as a warehouse and 3.500 are dedicated to the injection and assembly activity. Its facilities in Tanger have a surface area of 14.000m2, which are divided into different parts: offices, warehouses and injection and assembly plants.

A division of the perimeter is established according to the activity that is carried out in the different areas: Administrative, Technical, Machine Park, Warehouses.


The plants have been fully equipped with the best facilities for the training and daily work of our technical staff.


In our plants, all the technical facilities are completely new and incorporate the latest technological advances.


Proinsur has a modern and fully equiped machine park with machines of different tonnage which enables the company to manufacture a wide range of products, specialising in high value added pieces.

Martos Proinsur Plants are equipped with: 1 de 2100 Tn, 1 de 1300 Tn Bicolor, 2 de 1200 Tn, 4 de 1000 Tn,3 de 800 Tn,1 de 750 Tn Bicolor, 1 de 650 Tn, 6 de 450 Tn, 2 de 400 Tn,1 de 350 Tn, 1 de 300 Tn, 1 de 270 Tn, 4 de 210 Tn, 1 de 80 Tn, 1 de 80 Tn Vertical

Marocc Proinsur Plants are equipped with: 3 de 1300 Tn,2 de 1000 Tn, 1 de 850 Tn, 2 de 650 Tn, 1 de 500 Tn, 1 de 460 Tn, 3 de 400 Tn, 2 de 350 Tn, 1 de 310 Tn, 2 de 300 Tn, 3 de 250 Tn, 1 de 200 Tn, 3 de 150 Tn, 1 de 100 Tn, 2 de 70 Tn, 1 de 120 Tn Vertical, 1 de 80 Tn Vertical,2 de 85 Tn Vertical


In the large warehouses of PROINSUR, each product or component has a specific location. They are divided into three different sections:

-Warehouse for the row material
-Warehouse for the components
-Warehouse for the final product

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